7 Do’s and Don’t for Beautiful Glowing Skin

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We all want that clear radiant complexion that makes it seem like we are just glowing!!!

As a skin enthusiast, I know that good skin starts with good health. Even if it is just basic. Every little bit helps. Prevention is always better than cure

Let’s focus on the basics of how to take care of your skin.

1. Do- Drink Tons Of Water

Your skin is one of the largest organs which covers your entire body. That means a dehydrated body will result in a dehydrated skin. It is essential for a person to drink at least 8 glasses of water daily to keep your skin hydrated. This will maintain a healthy complexion of your skin and flush out any unwanted toxins from your body.

2. Don’t- Keep Touching Your Face

It’s tough; especially, when you have a blemish. But, the truth is that the more you touch your face, the more problems will arise. Breakouts happen because of unclean hands full of bacteria when you touch your face. And, this acts as a fuel for the blemishes. At least try to keep your hands off your face as much as possible.

3. Do- Exfoliate

Regular exfoliation is a must. It will remove the dead cells from your skin’s surface, as well as keep your pores clear from pesky black and white heads. Regardless of your skin type, exfoliating once a week can bring new life to your complexion. However, do not use an exfoliator that is too rough because it can leave your skin dry, irritated and damaged.

4. Don’t- Take Hot Showers

Even though hot showers are incredibly relaxing and soothing, they are considered less than ideal for your skin. Taking a hot shower not only upsets your skin’s natural moisture balance, but it also strips the natural oils and proteins from your skin that keeps it healthy. This eventually will result in inflammation, dryness, redness and even itching. In order to protect your skin, shower in warm water only. Two showers per day should be quite sufficient

5. Do- Eat Healthy Food

Great skincare starts with what you put into your body. If you enjoy junk food, consume a lot of alcohol, caffeine, and even smoke, getting perfect skin will always seem like a long distant dream and will be almost impossible to achieve. This is because such a diet will keep your body and skin dehydrated most of the time and thus, contribute to inflammation, breakouts and collagen loss. So, instead treat your body and skin by loading up on foods rich in antioxidants, vitamin C, E, A and beta carotene.

6. Do- Always Wear Sunscreen Protection

SPF’s is top priority to be worn daily for all skin types. Especially, in the winter! Sunscreen helps fight against the damaging effect of the UVA and UVB rays which causes premature skin aging and wrinkling as well as skin cancer. To effectively lighten skin damage caused due to the sun, choose products that are natural. For the sunscreen, either opt for a moisturizer with an SPF or mix your moisturizer with an SPF to ensure a hydrating coverage.

7. Do- Sleep For 7-8 Hours- soundly

Even science has confirmed that beauty sleep isn’t just part of fairytales, but it is in fact is a necessity. Every single cell in your body, including your skin cells require a lot of sleep on daily. Nighttime is when fresh and healthy cells rise to the skin’s surface and repair any damage accumulated over the day. But, without the correct amount of sleep, the skin does not regenerate and that is when skin related problems begin to surface more frequently. So next time you joke about getting in your beauty sleep. Just remember, it’s no joke.

Follow these do’s and don’ts for that beautiful glowing skin!

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